What can be reused from the jewellery I own?
We work on a case by case basis, so your piece will need to be inspected in a meeting for approval. After inspection and approval by the MM team we may be able to work with your special heirloom gemstones from an existing piece.

Please note that we cannot work with all gemstones, some are too soft, too brittle or are cut in a way that make them not suitable to be reset. Stones that we do not remodel include heirloom Opals, Emeralds, some Amethyst and Pearls.

We also don't use stones that have been newly sourced by the customer as they are not covered by our insurance.

We do not reuse your old gold, silver or platinum and we supply all new gold for all remodels.
Book a meeting to find out more HERE.

Can I bring inspiration for the design I'm after?
Absolutely, we would love to see any references for designs you might have in mind! Meg will be able to take those designs and adapt them to the gemstones you have and also suggest alternative designs. 

Can I make a small change to a ring I already own?

We do not work on / modify existing Jewellery or offer repairs on pieces not made by us.

I don't know exactly what I'm after, can you design something for me?
Yes!! Sometimes it's a bit hard to envisage what is possible with what you have. Meg is here to help you bring the designs to life with drawings and concepts to help you imagine the finished product.

What is the lead time for initial designs and production?
After the meeting, Meg will take the ideas discussed and turn them into scale drawings with pricing. This process will normally take a week or so but can be longer in peak times like Christmas. Our custom made lead time is generally 10-12 weeks from the design decision and deposit paid.

Can I remodel my jewellery if I live interstate?
We take on interstate remodelling on a case-by-case basis. The pieces need to be inspected and measured as part of the design & quote process so if you know the specific details including Carat weight & measurements of the gemstones in your piece in most cases, we can design and quote virtually.
Please call us in the boutique prior to booking your appointment on 02 9477 4631 for some extra details.

How much does it cost to remodel my jewellery?
This is a tricky question to answer without all the information needed. As its truely dependent on a number of factors such as
- How simplistic or decorative is the new design?
- How many of your stones can be used?
- Do you want to add more stones?
- Are we designing one piece or many?
- How long will it take for us to dismantle your existing jewellery?

As a very rough guide remodel pricing will start around $2,200.00. This is the pricing of a single stone design, for example a handmade solitaire engagement ring in 18ct white, yellow or rose gold.

For us to be able to give you accurate pricing we will need to see and measure the stones and finalise the design first. If you would like to know more, our meetings and designs are free of charge and you can book in here.

I have a few questions before I book in a meeting, can I discuss this before making an appointment to come in?
Yes, if you have any questions please call the shop on 02 9477 4631 as it is often easier to discuss over the phone.