Our Gemstones & Diamonds

We only use ethically sourced Gemstones and Diamonds in our pieces. Having built up a network of trusted suppliers both locally and overseas, ranging from local miners through to international diamond merchants, we only purchase from suppliers that share our values in ensuring the stones are ethically sourced.


For larger stones we only use certified diamonds from either the GIA or local Australian Laboratories GSL and Auscert. Many people aren't aware but it is common for stones under 0.50ct to not be certified due to the cost involved.

Coloured Gemstones

We source our coloured gemstones from trusted suppliers both locally and overseas. These relationships enable us to find that special stone you are after, with the knowledge that is has been ethically sourced. We also regularly travel to international gem fairs multiple times each year in order to find new and interesting stones for our ever growing collection.

Australian Gemstones

All of our Australian gemstones including Opals, Australian Sapphires and Zircons are supplied by local miners and gem cutters.